In our present day society, popular cultural values influence our youth's attitude and behavior, particularly in underprivileged communities. Redeeming Love Hope Center strives to provide key elements which help meet our youth’s academic goals, as well as developing social and emotional skills. Social and Emotional Learning has been statically proven beneficial to helping students improve behavior and academic achievement. We build positive attitudes and values that are necessary to understand and manage life tasks, “thus developing a “new generation of healthy, productive workers and citizens". 


Redeeming love Hope Center is a community base 501c3 non-profit organization with a dedication to the scholastic and personal development of underprivileged teenage girls.  The program will have a two-part focus of improving academic achievement by offer tutoring and educational enrichment through our social and emotional learning mentorship program. We recruit our students through local highs schools and the Department of Children and Family Services. Our programs are designed to keep the teens active and interested in a positive social environment. RLHC provides teens with opportunities to excel. 

About us



Our mission is to help low-income and academically struggling teenagers recognize and achieve their fullest potential by accomplishing their personal and vocational goals. We understand that emotions play an important role in forming the relationships that effect how we learn from teachers and caring adults. We provide appropriate social, moral and emotional support to help teens cope and adjust to adversities in life.  Through the consistency of our after school program we build trusting caring relationships while equipping the teens with life’s essentials, increasing the probability that each teen can look forward to a future marked by the hope and opportunity to pursue her goals.